Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture Frame from Scrap Wood

Picture Frame from Scrap Wood

First let me explain the picture. This is a Gone With the Wind charcoal drawing my husband bought for me on our honeymoon almost 20 years ago. It has always been in our bedroom, so I knew when we built the new bed frame; it had to go above the bed.

The print has always been in one of those black plastic poster frames, I remember when I went to buy a frame, and it was so much money for us to spend on a non necessity. But the print was important to me and I wanted it protected in a frame not just on the wall with sticky tack.

I have made picture frames before using expensive molding but never out of left over scrap wood, in a barn wood style frame.

In keeping with the farmhouse bed, I wanted a frame to coordinate. I found a 1 x 4 in the garage and thought it wouldn’t cost me anything to try it. So I made a frame using an old 1 x 4 piece of pine board. I wanted to paint the frame the same cream color I used on the bed but it did not look good with the print at all. I had some black spray paint, so black it was. I went to Michael’s bought a mat board to match the background color of the print and a 10.00(with 50% off coupon) poster frame, total cost $15.00. I used a mat to add to the overall size of the picture, since it was going over a king size bed. Using the “glass” from the poster frame and the backing from the frame, I stapled the backing to the frame and for $15.00 I had a large focal piece for the bedroom.

Black Frame made with scrap 1x4
(sorry about the ceiling fan glare)

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  1. Wow! This looks great! Don't you just love Ana and KOW! I'm impressed with all of your projects...especially the bed! I've got three projects under my belt so far. I do need to build a frame because we just had our very first family portrait done and I can't find a frame to fit the dimensions! I think you've given me the courage to try it out! Great job! Your room looks awesome!