Monday, July 26, 2010

What to do with an old wood door? Make a Message Board

Message Board - $16.00

Supplies Used

Half of an Old Wood Door - $7.50

Chalkboard Paint - $8.00

Cork board – scrap piece

Paint – leftovers

Scrap 2x4

Vintage Door knob – came with door

I have had this half of a old solid wood door for a while and had been wondering what to make with. I have started building a small table for a nook in my kitchen and I thought the door will go above it perfectly. I decided the door would make an excellent message board.

It was super easy to make and inexpensive. I bought this door from Craigslist for $15.00. I purchased chalkboard paint by Rustoleum, it is tintable to any color, I picked traditional black. The chalkboard paint was $8.00 for a quart. I had the paint and cork I used already.

Old Door

I gave the door a fresh coat of white paint. Before adding the chalk board paint and corkboard.

I taped off the inset and painted with the chalk board paint, it took two coats. I had some left over cork I trimmed down and hot glued to the bottom part of the door. I added a scrap piece of wood to the bottom of the door to finish the edge and as a small shelf for chalk. I also did a light wash over the white in a royal blue to add some distressing and added the vintage door knob back in.

What happened to the rest of the door? I purchased the door to make a coffee table. We needed a new coffee table and I wanted something that would hold up to a six year olds hot wheels, legos, and other rough housing that he manages on a daily basis. This coffee table is what started my love of recreating new from old things. It was so easy to make, all we did is cut the door down, paint it and add premade legs. I think the legs were a total of $24.00. It is a simple table but perfect for this active household.

coffee table

coffe table 2

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  1. So cute! I like the added cork at the bottom. Thanks so much for linking up!