Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Favorite Project – Farmhouse Bed



What is your favorite project, so far? This is the question from Rory on Tools are for Women too, linky party. Just click the picture above to join the party!

I would say it is usually what I am currently working on or just finished. I could say it is the school desk I just repainted in Robin’s Egg Blue, while I love how the desk came out but it is the color I adore. I have had errant thoughts of painting half my house that color, my husband would just love that!


Or I could choose the satin rose pens I have made and sold for years, they have provided extra spending money.

rose pen

But I had to pick the farmhouse bed my husband and I built together. We found the plans for the bed from Knock Off-Wood website. It was not difficult to build and it was a fun project to make. I love it because it something we did together.

gone with the wind IMG_0863-1 IMG_0866_edited-1 IMG_0820_edited-1

Here is more information on the Farmhouse Bed.


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