Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coupon Binder – Organizing


I used to coupon all the time, I hardly would purchase something without a coupon.  I took about a year off from serious couponing.  I had a nice size stockpile and I was burn out.  No matter what someone tells you, couponing is like having a part time job, it is work, completely worth it but work nonetheless.   My stockpile is about gone so it is time to get back to work.  First thing was I needed a new coupon binder and organizing system.  My old binder was torn beyond repair and I wanted to try a little different organizing system. 


I ordered a new zippered binder.  I ordered  this one from   If you are thinking of starting a coupon binder get a zippered one!  Trust me once you drop your notebook and spend hours picking up and resorting coupons you will be glad you have a zippered binder.   I recommend getting at least a 2” binder and a 3” binder if you coupon at CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens.  It is easier to keep a separate section for these stores.  The one I purchased is a 3” binder with 5 folders and a mesh pocket. 

IMG_4955_edited-1 IMG_4958_edited-1                      IMG_4953_edited-1


There are so many ways to set up  your binder.  It is a personal preference you have to decide what works best for you.  I have tried organizing by alphabet, manufacturer, etc.  The one I like the best is by category,  sort of set up by grocery aisle.   I have 16 categories I use:  baking, beverages, bread, breakfast, canned goods, cleaning supplies, condiments, dairy, frozen food, health and beauty, laundry, medicine, misc, paper products, pets, and snacks.   I made a table of contents page for my binder with all the categories listed, I put the page in a sheet protector. 



After the table of contents page I have 3 half page protectors. I use these for this weeks shopping list, rebates, and one yet to labeled.  I  know I had it planned for something but I can not remember what, it will come to me eventually.  


Next is the index holders for your categories,  I suggest the plastic ones they are a little sturdier and hold up better than the paper kind.  I bought Avery over sized write on index holders.  They were 3.00 for a pack of 8 at Wal-Mart.  I used my label maker to make the labels instead of writing on them, for me it is easier to see.

IMG_4960_edited-1 IMG_4983_edited-1


Next it is time to put in the coupons in.  I use a combo of  baseball car holders and 4x6 photo holders sheets.  I use the baseball holders for most of the coupons I cut out of the paper and I use the 4x6 holders for printed coupons.  

IMG_4998_edited-1 IMG_4999_edited-1



In the according folders that are in the binder I am using 3 of those, one for current ads, coupons to be cut and flyers.


In the mesh pocket I keep scissors, post it flags, ink pens and a dry erase maker.   I do not keep a calculator in my binder because I love the one on my phone and use it all the time.  I use the post it flags to mark a coupon that is about to expire that is a need item I will purchase or to mark a free coupon that I need to remember to use.  The dry erase marker is great for making notes on the baseball holders if you need to make a note about a coupon or the price of the item you have a coupon for.  A paper towel will wipe it right off. 


That is my coupon binder.  I hope this gives you an idea or two for your own binder.  While couponing is a bit of work it is worth it. 


Here is an example of my savings from a sale run to Publix today.  I  am in the process of rebuilding my stockpile. Not my best deal by any means but with the cereal and bread sale I stockpiled a good bit.   Today I saved 61% at Publix.  My cost was 26.00.  I got lucky there was a 50% off sale of Kellogg today and I had coupons for what I purchase. Missing from the photo is Pillsbury pizza dough, biscuits and rolls I had already put them in the fridge.



  1. Wow! Thats awesome! I just saw on TLC the people who saved coupons and what they bought. That is worth something and I've learned to start clipping coupons. I really like your binder idea!! Will try this : )

  2. Thank you for the step-by-step. So much easier to navigate the supermarket when you are organized!